Remote Control – Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac PRO v7.0.1 Ipa iOS
Remote Control – Keyboard & Trackpad for Mac PRO v7.0.1 | 10,5 MB
Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch | Jealbreak

Remote Control app instantly turns your iPhone & iPad into universal remote control for your Mac. Use Remote Control app to control your Mac's volume and what's playing in various media player apps. Enjoy wireless keyboard & trackpad that work from any distance in your home or office. Launch and quit apps installed on your Mac with one tap. Schedule actions for later, for example, put your Mac to sleep after the movie finishes playing.Features:
– Control your Mac volume using volume knob or volume buttons of your iPhone or iPad
– Media player controls that work with your favorite media players like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and others
– Keyboard and Trackpad for web browsing on your big screen TV connected to your Mac from your couch
– Launch and quit apps from any place in your home or office
– Put your Mac to Sleep, Restart or Shutdown immediately or schedule these and other actions for later

What's New:
– Added setting to show keyboard automatically
– Added setting for unified keyboard & trackpad view
– Fixed support for Chinese when using native keyboard
– Fixed compatibility with 3rd party keyboards like SwiftKey
– Fixed couple of crashes



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